Keep an Eye onYour Business

Automate tasks and remove the pen and paper from your service-based business.

Sherlok is the only mobile app and cloud-based software made specifically for service-based businesses to automate jobs, schedules, employees, customers, inventory and payment! All you need is a tablet and wireless connection.

Be Smarter Today!

Sherlok automates business tasks, tracks jobs and employees, and makes your business smarter.

As a service-based business owner, you carry a lot of weight on your shoulders. The simple day-to-day tasks can take several hours everyday, taking your focus away from the bigger picture. Sherlok has a unique set of tools to automate tasks with your employees, customers, job assets, money and more!

100% Paperless!

Stop the insanity of lost papers and employee paperwork that never gets done! Go digital!

If you’re like all service-based business owners, the paperwork piles up. One payment, phone number, or contract slipping through the cracks can lead to bigger problems and lost money. When you begin using Sherlok, all  of your customers, time sheets, invoicing, contracts, estimates, and more are automatically filled out, updated, and stored safely in our Cloud for as long as your account is active.

Cloud-Based & Secure

Keep an eye on your business anytime from anywhere.

In the office, in the field, or enjoying time away—you still have full access to all the tools needed to run your business smoothly. Everything is stored in our highly-secured Cloud host and organized into reports for all income, expenses, employee time, and much more. Much safer and faster than paper!

Pay as You Grow or Lock in the Savings!

Only $14.95 per user monthly, or save 35% with an annual contract! No minimum users!

Sherlok was created with the purpose of helping service business owners organize, manage and grow your business. We have the most flexible subscription terms of any business software. After your FREE 14-day trial session, just pay $14.95 per user, per month, or sign up for an annual contract and save 35%! No minimum users, and every feature is included regardless of the number of users!

We Grow Along with Your Business

The all-in-one solution for your service-based business.

Sherlok is developed for any size and any service-based business. You customize Sherlok during initial setup phase, Sherlok will have all of your company’s unique contracts, services, equipment, emails, scripts, and so much more. Sherlok can give your company strength and branding to level the playing field for all service companies!

Free 14 Day Trial
and a Free Tablet as Our Gift to You!

Simple, Fast, Easy-to-use, Smart Software.