If you own a service-based business,
Sherlok is perfect for you!

Sherlok keeps an eye on your employees and assets when you’re not able to.

  • Moving, Towing & Repo

  • Landscaping & Lawn Care

  • Fire & Water Restoration, Plumbers, Electricians & Handymen

  • HVAC, Flooring, Cable & Alarm Installation

  • Catering & Delivery

  • Photography & Media

  • Cleaning Companies & Maid Services

No matter what type of service business you are, Sherlok has your back!

Technology is changing the way service businesses operate. Companies that embrace this change will help set themselves above their competitors. Sherlok will give your company your own branded software and app. You then have the ability to upload all of your company’s unique contracts, pre-written emails, employees, assets, logos & much more!

So start today and get your business setup quickly with Sherlok.

Free 14 Day Trial
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