Customer Relationship Management

Know everything about your customers with the click of a button.

Active & Potential Job Databases

The information you have about each customer is important. A searchable database (just type in some letters and Sherlok searches and displays customer name results!) allows administrators and employees to have up-to-date information. Need to edit a customer or add a new one? Simple! Click, type and done!

Retaining Information

A customer can be classified as Booked, Potential, or Declined. This way you can store their information for future business so it will be easier to update. All past and future jobs a customer has scheduled is available at your fingertips as well. Need to see what Mrs. Jones did during the last service call? Easy! Just pull up her account on your iPad and you’re set to go!

Automated Confirmation & Follow Up Emails

Communication is key to maintaining a satisfied customer. That’s why we take care of it automatically when a job is scheduled and again when the invoice is paid. Emails are sent automatically!

Customer Management, Simplified

Instant emails communicate your professionalism to the customer and that you value their business. This can alleviate fears and questions in the customer’s mind and keep your time in the office to a minimum. Sherlok keeps your business smart!

Electronic Contracts & Signatures

Protecting your business doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why we automatically prompt your employees to get a customer signature before and after each job. Plus we store their signature!

Pre-Job & Post-Job Customer Contracts

There’s no need to print out paperwork anymore just to get a signature from the customer. You can add all the contracts you need on a per-service basis. While on the job, we combine all the .pdf forms into an easily viewable document that the customer only has to sign once with their finger. It’s that easy!

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