Employees & Time Tracking

Easily schedule, remind, track & hold your employees accountable on every job.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Sherlok easily assigns and schedules your employees to jobs as easy as 1-2-3.

Assigning Employees

When creating a job, Sherlok not only lets you select from a list of all available employees, but also lets you add multiple employees to the same job! We help make your business smarter!

Time Tracking

Being accurate with time can increase your profit. Keeping employees close to the time estimate ensures customers are satisfied when it comes time for payment.

Start, Pause & Stop

We have a unique start, pause and stop button which ensures your jobs and employees’ time is tracked correctly every time. In the Admin dashboard, the job time length is updated automatically upon job completion. You have an accurate and immediate view of the time spent by employees per project! Then you can easily report time for payroll.

Hold Employees Accountable

Even when delays happen, Sherlok gives you peace of mind by reminding employees to call ahead to the next appointment and notify customers of the delay.

Reminders & Notes

Sherlok reminds employees to call ahead to the next appointment and notify customers of any delays. In addition, Sherlok allows employees and administrators to communicate directly to each other through a notes section on each job. We help your business run smarter!

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