Job Assets & Inventory Tracking

Easily manage your job inventory and company-owned equipment assets.

Equipment & Inventory Management

Adding new equipment or inventory to a job has never been so easy! Just add the required materials with the pricing to the job and never worry about forgetting it again.

Assigning Assets

When creating a job, Sherlok helps calculate how much material will be used for a more precise estimate, and also allows you to assign specific equipment to a job so you know where everything is and who has it!

We Give You Control Over Your Assets

Do you ever need to use more or less than was estimated on a job? No problem—Sherlok can adjust in real time and change the final cost to match the difference. We’re all about making your business smarter!

Adjust on-the-Fly

At the end of the job, employees itemize how many of each asset was used and the total cost is adjusted accordingly. Your customers will be happy that they’re only getting charged for assets that are actually used!

Informed & Responsible Employees

When getting ready for the day and cleaning up after each job, employees can feel confident that they don’t need to make an extra trip for something they forgot. Sherlok™ tracks everything!

Wrapping Up the Job

Pre-job and post-job checklists ensure that employees show up to each job site with the correct equipment and manpower, and return at the end of the day with all the assets they took and any cash or check payments collected.

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