Money Payments & Invoices

Get paid by check, cash, or card—and compare your earnings in each of your services.

Automated Invoicing

Sherlok sends all your customers an immediate invoice email after payment, and stores all the information securely for your company’s use.

Custom Reports

Every job has a digital invoice in Sherlok—no matter how the customer paid, which automatically gives you extra data on how smoothly your business is running. Sherlok even allows you to compare your earnings by service back to the last 30 days!

Check, Cash, & Credit Card Payments

Simple, secure, and most importantly—no hardware needed! Flexible for the customer, plus peace of mind for your business.

Check a Card Before You Start

You have the option to require a customer to provide a validated credit card upfront so checkout is even faster. The customer is never charged until the job is done, and they can even change the payment type to cash or check before checkout.

Electronic Job Tracking

Because all your jobs are in sync between the office and the job sites, you can see when each job is completed and the invoice is paid.

Easily Set Fair Pricing

Your customers will be thrilled to learn they will only be charged for the actual time and resources of a service instead of an over-inflated rate. Plus with the options of discounts, fixed costs, hourly rates, gratuity, partial payments—you have full control over setting a fair price for your work.

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