Hello, Sherlok!

Our vision is to see all service-based businesses “level the playing field” to compete and grow.

Our mission is to empower all service-based businesses with incredible software tools and technology at an affordable price.

Technology has been changing the way every industry does business except the service industry, and it’s time for us to change that.

In the years to come all companies will either embrace emerging technologies, or be left behind. And we all know that buying software and technology like larger businesses have is cost prohibitive and hard to manage. Sherlok was created as a solution to give any sized business your own branded software at a low $19.98 per user monthly subscription. We give each business the ability to upload their unique contracts, services, email scripts, and more. Sherlok will then automate the daily tasks involved with managing your business, from jobs, customers and employees to getting paid when you finish a job!

How Sherlok was Started

Our founder and CEO, entrepreneur Eric Snider, has eight years of experience owning and Service business software and app CEO Eric Snider with Sherlok.operating a professional moving services company in the Greater Charlotte, NC market. As his service business grew, Eric saw an opportunity to franchise his unique way of moving businesses and families. But there was one big element that was missing from his franchising plan: software that automated the moving service process. As he began working with his software development team, Eric had his ‘light bulb moment’ and he realized how much the software could benefit other serviced-based businesses. Sherlok was born! With Eric’s hands-on experience in the service industry, he knows what is required of managing a business and the problems that can arise. This knowledge has helped identify and create simple solutions for everyday problems. “I created Sherlok to run my own service business but the idea is far reaching and can help other service businesses operate at a higher level while they concentrate on growing their business,” says Eric.

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